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About People Systems, Inc.

The UNCALENDAR® became an 'accidental business' in 1976!

PEOPLE SYSTEMS, Inc. initially specialized
in management and organization development
for business, industry, and governmental agencies.

The UNCALENDAR evolved as a training tool for executives, managers and supervisors.

Our trainees began requesting additional copies for family and friends!

Voila! A new business!

The UNCALENDAR® really did help people organize their busy lives.
It's a unique, flexible and powerful system!

PEOPLE SYSTEMS, Inc. has been a family-owned, chartered Arizona corporation since 1971.

PEOPLE SYSTEMS, Inc. has provided a variety of management and organization development services nationally ... but the UNCALENDAR is now our main enterprise.

Current UNCALENDAR sales are primarily domestic, but we regularly ship all over the planet!
We've even shipped to a medical team working out of mud huts in India!

Bottom-line is this ...
We are a small family-owned business
that allows us to interact with people from all over the world,
who find our simple UNCALENDAR® system to be a very useful tool
in a technologically-encumbered society.