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Skills Center

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We hope the Skills Center
will enhance the use of your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE
and enrich your Life and the Lives of those around you!
You might find it quite helpful to quickly reference
your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE book as you visit various interest areas.
How To Use the Skills Center
• Bounce Around! There's no fixed way to use it.
• Eat the elephant one bite at a time! Many of the skills require time to master.
• Visit often!

Getting Started with Your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE!
Step 1. Re-read the Introductory Page in your book entitled 'UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE'.
Step 2. Make an Initial Lifestyle Assessment ... of where you are now and where you would like to end up. You'll change and update over time ... the future is always a moving target. For now a simple awareness of the pluses and minuses of your current life situation and a rough idea of the kind of lifestyle you would like to have is quite sufficient. Details will evolve as you move through the days, weeks and months ahead.
Step 3. Jot down your LIFESTYLE Thoughts in the NOTES section. Date those notes to record progress over time. It makes a very interesting record. You can also go directly to the GOALS section, but, if you do, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU USE PENCIL because your lifestyle will evolve and you'll want to refine your statements!

Five Basic Tips for Starting to Write in Your Book ...
1. On the DAY•WEEK Pages, we recommend filling in the dates for only two to four weeks ahead counting the current week.
2. Use the MONTH•GOALS section for longer-range planning, filling in the current month, just a few months, or the entire year. It's up to you! When you start planning a current week, a quick glance at the MONTH•GOALS section and you can add items for the current week.
3. Use the YEAR overview and ANOTHER YEAR pages to extend planning into the next year. They can also be used for other things, e.g. listing birthdays, major events, holidays you celebrate, financial payments, etc.
4. Add ADVANCED TECHNIQUES into your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE. These are simple, but outstanding personal improvement tools. Pick one and put it into practice by listing it in your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE book on the WORKSHEET or SCHEDULE page!
5. Think through how you want to use the various Option Boxes scattered throughout the Book.

Important! Changing and refining YOUR SYSTEM of getting things done is half the fun!

Bottom Line is this ... The UNCALENDAR® System will bend itself to your desires! It can be incredibly simple to use or wonderfully complex. You decide!

Interesting Fact! Some of our Long-Time Friends tell us they like to sit down with a nice glass of wine, a fresh UNCALENDAR® and fill out the entire year! We do not recommend it, but it's okay if you do. An UNCALENDAR allows you to stop for some period of time and return with no lost pages. Filling in dates only for what you need for the foreseeable future extends the time your UNCALENDAR can be used! It is very economical!

Skills Center Philosophy
It is a simple 'Reminder Room' of some common-sense things that really work, but are often forgotten. There is no axe to grind or agenda of any sort to dispense. There's nothing for sale ... except the UNCALENDAR® 'Lifestyle'!

Take what you like ... Leave what you don't!

Enjoy! Grow! Prosper! ... and Have Fun with Your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE!

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