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Starting Your Own Business

if anyone needs an UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE it's the Entreprenuer!

There's just a lot to do and it takes a great amount of organizing of resources, plans, tasks, appointments, and so on. It also takes terrifc personal skills applied on an ever-increasing scale. It's actually easy to start a business. It's more difficult keeping it going. Even more difficult making it profitable over the long-haul.

The UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE can be a real help as a place to keep the working essentials together ... everything in one convenient place. Also the UNCALENDAR® system allows you to design around the type of business you're creating! Don't forget that THE TRAINING ROOM also has numerous skill areas to help you be successful.

Recommendation: We think the Fullsize UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE is the best bet for the Entreprenuer. It has more space to write in. The Halfsize is more portable and if you're out and about it could be more convenient. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND having two (2) books ... it doesn't keep the essentials together. When the business gets rolling in a year or so, you could try the UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE Halfsize.


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