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This is a section about personal values.

The UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE idea here is to use the book to help you focus on ideas of true importance to you. There are schools of thought, religions, mental disciplines, philosophies, etc. all of which provide rich content for your personal plan.

Use the WORKSHEET and SCHEDULE pages to focus your values-oriented thoughts, quotes and things-to-do, etc. Doing so doesn't guarantee that you're a spiritual or values-oriented person, but at least you'll be headed in the right direction!

It's not our job nor the role of the UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE to point a specific direction, but we can offer these thoughts ...

Spend some time asking yourself,
"What are my basic values?"
• "Do I work at maintaining those values?"
• "Do I have a plan for becoming a better person?"
• "Am I giving back to others?"
• "Do others 'observe me' as a person with good values?"

A Final Thought:
You may never be perfect, but if you're a little closer today than you were yesterday ... WE ALL BENEFIT!


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