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Small Business Owner

UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE is a great new tool for the SBO!

We'll assume that you're somewhat established as a business owner and are looking for that additional edge. You can use the Goal-Setting feature as a busines plan for the year. It will focus your efforts. The UNCALENDAR® 'system' itself will help you keep on top of things.

Depending on the number of employees you have and considering the fact that you're an established business, you might want to consider adding some or all of your employees to the 'system.' It keeps everyone focused on what you're trying to accomplish as a business. You can use various sections in the UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE to stress sales goals, customer service standards, operating policies, etc. Everyone is then 'singing off of the same song sheet,' so to speak.

You can use the book during staff/employee meetings to clarify and focus everyone's work.

Note: If you're just starting you business ...
Check this out ... Starting Your Own Business ... The Entreprenuer

Recommendation: Either size UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE, Fullsize or Halfsize will work for you and your staff. The Halfsize is a little more economical, but there's less space to write. As the SBO you may prefer the Fullsize version.


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