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Doctors, attorneys, hospital administrators, Wall Street traders, university professors, research directors, sales people, investment bankers, embassy personnel ... the list goes on and on!

When we first noticed such a high number of people in professions using the UNCALENDAR® 'system,' we were surprised! We thought, 'These folks surely have sophisticated computer and digital capabilities. Why are they still using paper-and-pencil. So we asked them!
Here's a sample of what they told us ...

• "The UNCALENDAR® doesn't need batteries and it never 'crashes'."
• "I can reference it instantly. It dosen't need to 'boot-up'.''
• "Oh I have a PDA, but I still like to 'write' things down."
• "I keep names and address on my PDA, but my daily work is in the UNCALENDAR®."
Recommendation: Either UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE Fullsize or Halfsize will work.


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