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Why include Personal Skills?

Simple ... achieving a personal goal requires personal discipline and almost always involves interacting effectively with others!

This section contains a wide range of simple, concise, but very powerful tips and techniques focusing on you and on how you relate, for better or worse, with others.

It takes time to master some of these skills, but if you do ... your Life changes!

Bounce around the areas below!

Personal Skills ... Quick Reference Guide.

The skills below are:
Based on Observable-Behavior. In most cases, you can 'see' it occuring or not occuring!
Common-Sense Skills we all know, but don't 'train' ourselves to use on a regular basis.

Use the weekly 'Worksheet' as an excellent place to record and concentrate your 'skill-training.'

Visualize Success Get Yourself Organized Organize Stuff To Do Develop Yourself
Manage Time Cope with the Phone Cope with Meetings Set Your Goals
Encourage Someone Communicate With Others Give Praise Improve Performance
Give Clear Instructions Listen Give Constructive Criticism Lie To Yourself
Cope with Change Cope with Your Boss Accept Criticism Switch Off

Every Organization Creates Its Own Climate!

Starting & Stopping a People-Avalanche

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