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Starting and Stopping a People-Avalanche

It just takes ONE rock to start an avalanche!

Families and organizations exude their own 'people-climate.'
We've all seen it, felt it AND lived it! Some people-climates are quite pleasant, others quite sour.

When you look closely, it all boils down to the specific behaviors within the climate. Essentially, individual behaviors are the rocks that start the formation of the people-climate avalanche. If this is true, then what each person does, that is, throws a rock, contributes to the avalanche. Put enough rocks together and you've got a full-blown avalance and the ensuing positive or negative people-climate.

The people-climate is manageable!

There are only two kinds of rocks ... positive or negative!

It's quite simple ... really!

What kind of rocks are you throwing today!?

The Rock Shop
- Take as many of any type as you'd like.
- They're FREE! ... But you do have to pay for them later!
- "That's a dumb thing to do."
- "Can't you ever do anything right?"
- "Good job."
- "I like the way you did that."
- "Dummy."
- "You're a really great kid."
- "Thanks! I know you went out of your way to do that."
- "She's (he's) an idiot."
- " I don't like him (her)."
- "You're a good person."
- "Thanks for doing that. I appreciate the help!"
- "Wow! That's really nice."
- "Don't you know anything?
- "I love you."
- "You're SUPER!"
- "I can always depend on you to do a good job."
- "Can't you cook anything decent?"
- "You're a great cook."

Avalanche Ancillary Aspects

A punisher always gets punished.
This is why the avalanche actually expands.

A punisher is always avoided.
Who likes to be around someone who's always 'dishing-it-out!'

A Best Friend is someone who almost always gives you positives.
If a negative is ever given, it is done in such a way as to be perceived as 'supportive and constructive.'
That's why we become Best Friends!

Criticism, for 'our own good,' is still a negative.
It softens if it's 'constructively' done, that is criticizing the 'act' not the 'person.'
It's easy for someone to change an action, but difficult to change 'who' they are!

Nit-pickers are punishers.
Sorry, we know you're really good at it, but ...

If you want someone to like you (your family, your co-workers, acquaintances, etc.) give them genuine compliments!
Note the word 'genuine.'

Ingenuine compliments are actually very negative.
They're perceived as 'phony' and push people away!

When others think of you, it's either as a positive rock thrower or a negative one!
Which do you think you are? Are you sure? Really sure?

Complainers are negative rock throwers.
Do you enjoy listening to complainers? Do you occasionally find yourself supressing the urge to run away screaming?

To state the obviously-often-ignored obvious ...
We like to be around people who give out positives! We avoid people who give negatives!

Some Observations About the World Around Us!

• Everyday we see instances of people-avalanches around us. Awareness is the key to change!

• Terrorism is based on a losing premise!

• The Universe evolves, not by destroying, but by building!

The Avalanche starts with YOU ... BUILD!


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