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Motivating Yourself ... A brief selection of very powerful motivators to help get you going!
Using UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE with Others ... A basic list of suggested applications.
NOTEsystemPAPER ... a unique system for managing projects or taking notes!.
Daily Reminders ... Extremely powerful life-changing tools!.

Working with These Components!

Motivating Yourself and Using UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE with Others is very straight forward: Read through the ADVANCED TECHNIQUES in your UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE, select an item of interest and add it (or an abbreviation of it) to your SCHEDULE or WORKSHEET page.

NOTEsystemPAPER... We recommend using the necessarily-limited number of pages for project management. For example: a major work assignment, responsibility for a community event, an important term paper, a home renovation project, a gardening project, purchasing a new vehicle, etc. A single NOTEsystemPAPER page (and its opposite WORKSHEET page) is a superb place to focus your project thoughts ... it keeps it all together. The single-page-focus forces one to be efficient!

DAILY REMINDERS is another story! They truly are life-changing tools! There's nothing new about them, but we forget to use them or we simply don't discipline ourselves to make them a regular part of our daily living! Add them to your SCHEDULE or WORKSHEET pages and, over time, your world changes!

Interesting Point! The first Four (4) Reminders for FAMILY & FRIENDS and CAREER & WORK are identical. They are INCREDIBLY important! They are the face, the image, each of us presents to the world on a daily basis. They are ... bottom line ... what makes us ... us! Master these Four skills and your world changes forever.

Please Note!
These four skills are discussed further in the PERSONAL SKILLS Interest Area.

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