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Main Components:
MONTHLY Page ... Use this page to schedule appointments and tasks.
GOALS Page ... Use this page to set your long-term Lifestyle Goals and Sub-Goals.
MONTHLY PLANNING Page ... Use this page to break your Goals/Sub-Goals into manageable segments.

Important! The two Goals pages should generate tasks that flow into the SCHEDULE & WORKSHEET pages.
Remember! Tailor the MONTH • GOALS pages to your liking. There's no set way! Experiment!

Some Suggestions:

Point of Interest! A few years back we heard of a study that stated the odd fact that most (not all) people tend to visualize the year counter-clockwise. January at the top, June through August at the 6 o'clock, and December ending the year at the top. We decided to arrange the months above in this curious fashion. It seems to have a certain comfort level to it!

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