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How To Be A Lousy Employee

It takes a lot of effort, but you can do it successfully!

Here's how ...

Rule 1. Come to work late. (The other employees will think you're a rebel.)

Rule 2. Call in sick ... regularly. (The other employees will be happy to do your work AND their's.)

Rule 3. Don't come to work and don't call in. (Everyone will know your name.)

Rule 4. Bad-mouth the organization and the management. (The other employees will know you're a rebel, but that you're none-too-bright!)

Rule 5. Bad-mouth the other employees behind their backs. (You're toast!)

Rule 6. Do only what's asked of you ... never do a little extra. (You'll not be burdened with increased responsibilities or excess money.)

Rule 7. Treat your customers like dirt. (You'll have fewer customers and a lot more free time.)

Rule 8. Think only about yourself ... never think about your customers, your fellow employees, your boss or the company. (You're gone!)

Recommendation: DO NOT ATTEMPT to use an UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE. (It will just give you a headache!)


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