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Lie To Yourself

1. When you lie to yourself ... be convincing!

2. Keep lying to yourself until your 'attitude' improves!

3. Read 'A True Story' below ...

A True Story!
Many years ago, a prison inmate, turned down numerous times for parole because of a 'bad attitude,' decided to fool everyone! He decided to 'pretend' to be a pleasant, positve person! Every time he saw a prison official he acted out a lie by saying such things as 'Good morning,' 'How are you,' 'It's a great day,' How's the family,' etc. He despised them all! He persistantly keep it up, until over many months ... he got his parole. The parole board stated, 'Marked improvement in attitude.' And then it happened ... on the outside. this 'bad attitude' person found himself saying the same things to just about everyone he met! He got such a positive response from other people, he changed his 'attitude.'

• We talk to ouselves all day long! At least say encouraging things even if you don't believe them AT FIRST!
• We 'tend to bring into being' what we talk about to ourselves.


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