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A True Story:
A friend recently told us:
"As Grandparents, make certain you stick to the Grandparents Baby-Sitting Guideline."
The, "What?', we said.
"You know, make sure you live at least forty-five (45) miles from your Grandkids."
"Huh!", we thought.
"C'mon,' he said. "Think about it! Forty-five miles is perfect. Any closer and you'll be 'sitting' constantly.  Forty-five is perfect!"
So here's our new UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE Guideline for Grandparents:
If you live closer than forty-five miles to your Grandkids, you're definetly going to need the UNCALENDAR® 'system.'

• 1-10 Grandkids use the UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE Halfsize version.
• 11-20+ Grandkids, the Fullsize version. (Tongue in cheek!)

UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLEs Make Great Gifts for Great Kids!


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