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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the Pocket UNCALENDAR® and the Deluxe Horizontal UNCALENDAR® going to be re-printed?
Probably not! The Pocket version sales was overtaken by the Half Size UNCALENDAR®, by a ratio of about 5 to 1. The Horizontal version likewise was surpassed by the Vertical UNCALENDAR® by approximately 4 to 1. It was just not financially possible to continue to produce the Pocket or Horizontal.

Will the new UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE versions fit in my old deluxe vinyl?
Yes! They fit quite nicely.

Will you have deluxe covers available for the new Lifestyle versions?
Yes! (Click 'Products' above, then 'Portfolios.')

Is the UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE available in a 3-hole punched version?
No! But we, rather cleverly, chose a binding with the binding holes very close to the paper edge, so that after the easy removal of the coil, each version can be punched in any number of ringed configurations.

Why are your shipping charges so expensive?
We use standard shipping rates for FedEx and USPS. Currently there is no sales tax except for Arizona residents. We do not add on 'handling charges.' Additionally, we offer free shipping on Orders of $59 or more (product cost). There are also discounts available for quantity purchases. We should mention also that our retail product prices are quite reasonable. We found over the years that some stores feel our product line is underpriced. Consequently, those stores include a value-added factor to their pricing.

• You can save on shipping if you ship your Order to a business address (company, organization, school, home business, institution, etc.).

• If you have an UNCALENDAR system you like ... order two (2) or more copies. They're UNdated and the shipping increases only minimally.


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