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College Student

College is a privilege!
It's hard work! Not all survive!
It's really tough if you're trying to hold down a job at the same time
    ,,, even tougher if you have a family struggling toward 'The Degree' with you.

You'd better have your act together and be able to get everything done in a timely fashion!

Enter ... UNCALENDAR® LIFESTYLE ... a tool to help you build a future life while managing today's tasks.

Every day you'll make little choices and take little actions that will eventually accumulate into the future life you will live ... Choose and Become!

A Sad, but True Story!
Entering college Joe was convinced that 'College Student' rhymed perfectly with 'Parteee Time!'

But as the semesters slipped by Joe found himself entering his fifth year as a 'College Student', registered as a second semester junior and still undecided between three majors. The finances started getting a little dicey. During the holidays, the family asks Joe odd questions about 'buckling-down' and 'finding himself.' Joe couldn't seem to get papers done, missing classes became routine and his GPA neared Congressional approval ratings. To top it off, Joe's classmates started disappearing ... flunking-out or graduating. And worst of all the incoming freshmen looked like babies!

Joe said to himself:
"I wish I wouldn't have used that UNCALENDAR LIFESTYLE book that Mom and Dad gave me ... as a beer-coaster!

Recommendation: Ignore the beer stains ... Start using your UNCALENDAR! There's still hope!


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