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   Diet & Exercise
   Family & Friends
   Career and Work
      ... very powerful behavioral 'Cues.'

The idea is quite simple: You look at or think of one of the daily reminders and, hopefully, it cues an overt behavioral response! This simple process is even better if YOU select the reminder to work on. Place the reminder on your Worksheet or Schedule page.

Some Thoughts on CAREER & WORK Daily Reminders:

• SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE, GO EASY on the negatives, CATCH SOMEONE doing something good, and CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY: These are the essence of career and work healthy relationships. It takes work. It takes planning. Above all, it takes personal effort to do something about it!

• This may seem harsh, but it needs to be said: Nobody likes to hear you constantly complain about the Organization or your Co-workers.

• The sympathetic ear and understanding nods we give to complainers are only encouraging their continuing to gripe.

• It really hurts us when we realize, 'WE' are actually the enabler of the endless complaining!

• Behaviors that are reinforced tend to be repeated!

• See Also ... Starting and Stopping A People-Avalanche


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