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NOTEsystemPAPER Fullsize...3 PAK
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NOTE TAKER Fullsize...3 PAK
NOTEsystemPAPER Fullsize

NOTE TAKER Delight™ Fullsize

Best Note Taking System on the Planet!

By analyzing note-taking behaviors common to most note takers, we found a series of patterns.
NOTE TAKER Delight is carefully structured to include these very common-sense techniques.

Take Better Notes: Write to Record & Remember.
   • Ideal for meetings, classrooms, conferences & project planning
   • Take better notes with an Innovative System of compartments and spaces
   • Multiple columns for blocking notes
   • Isolation boxes for key information...easy to find, easy to remember
   • Colors classify information

Final result: Key infomation stands out!

Dream On Paper: Write to Create & Visualize Thoughts.
   • Flexible structure allows you to "Dream on paper"
   • Use as a journal, a place to organize your thoughts
   • Allows creativity to flow with plenty of open space for drawing, sketches,etc.
   • When your noodle says 'doodle.'
   • Size (w/l/h): 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.5 inches Weight: .75 lbs

Final result: Ideas take form. Form leads to action. Dreams are realized!

NOTE TAKER Delight ... Form ... Function ... Way Beyond Traditional Note-taking!