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What Our Customers Say!

"Very clever!"
"Best day-planner I've ever used!"
"Can't live without it!"
"Tremendous results!"
"Of all the calendar widgets
and wombats I've ever used,
the UNCALENDAR is by far the best!"
"I love your stuff!"
"Organized my fractured existence!"
"Superb organizational tool!"
"I'm hooked!"

Above are actual Customer Comments as seen in our advertisements.

We are stunned and thrilled by Customer Comments...every day! We never dreamed our simple, little 'bright idea' in 1976
would be so helpful to so many people in so many different walks of life. We are truly humbled at the thought!

Running List of Actual Customer Comments
I'm so excited to take this next step!  N.G. Portland, OR
Love the UNCALENDAR! :) This is my 3rd or 4th one!  N.B. Roberts, WI
I love the UNCALENDAR! I've been a faithful user for going on five years now. And I've turned many friends & coworkers on to you all. Thank You!  E.G. Olympia, WA
I want to get started so please ship these babies ASAP. Much thanks.  T.M. Bluffdale, UT
Hi Uncalendar folks! I love your products! I tried a different calendar this past year, and I've spent the whole time missing your product. I'm very much looking forward to doing it right next time! But I was wondering if you might make any othercolors? I am an artist, and I like variety. Since I've already had Uncalendars in all sizes, shapes, and colors, I am feeling redundant. Might you consider a nice medium or dark (pool table cloth or pine) green? Deep plum, or maybe poppy? Just a thought... And thanks for all the work that you all do. It is an absolute pleasure to have an Uncalendar on hand in life.  H.M. Van Nuys, CA
A colleague has this and I love it so much I had to get one!  K.O. Nepean, CANADA
One of my friends has one of these and I new I had to get one!  O.G. Hatfield, PA
I am so excited to use my third UNCALENDAR for my third year of teaching elementary school! Thank you!  T.M-T. New York, NY
I love the design of the planners and note pages! I'm very excited to receive these items! Thank You! :-D  V.W. Kamloops, CANADA
I haven't been nearly as organized without mine. Looking forward to having it back.  J.R. Lomita, CA
Love your product!  M.K. Hopkinton, MA
I shall be happy to spread the word about your products. Companies here usually purchase obsolete, not-innovative paper planners, this is definitely a hit product!  I.G. Paris, FRANCE
College Prof still loves these planners!  R.H. Saginaw, MI
Love your products. I'm buying them for my whole team of elementary education interventionists!  K.H. Saint Paul, MN
Best calendar I have ever used and I'm buying one for my daughter.  R.M. Lawrenceville, GA
I tried to switch to a different planner (and really spent too much money on it). But with my busy nursing school life I couldn't handle the lack of space! I opened my old UNCALENDAR & immediately decided to order one again. It's amazing at keeping my life on track and has enough room for all my crazy tasks. Really, my whole life fits in this planner. Thank you, guys!  T.C. Murrieta, CA
I am now in my third year of teaching and live by the UNCALENDAR! Thanks so much!  T.M-T. New York, NY
I loved the UNCALENDAR I got last year; I'm excited for a new one!  C.M. Warren, MI
I just can't wait to have my planner.  B.A. Jonesboro, GA
I'm in my last week of my first UNCALENDAR! I need my new one! I love it.  M.A. Chicago, IL
I cannot wait to receive my first UNCALENDAR. I am excited to start planning.  L.M. Smyrna, TN
Still a customer after a number of years - I really need the ability to jot notes, carry bills, and not have to log in or recharge to access my calendar. Thanks and I'll see you next year! ;)  G.H. Basking Ridge, NJ
I am excited to make use of this planner. I had it recommended to me in the book Nursing School Thrive Guide!  R.H. Rohnert Park, CA
Thanks again for another great year. Keep doing what you are doing!  A.L. Tucson, AZ
I am an elementary music teacher and I am planning to use the Note Taker Fullsize for my lesson plans this year. It will be the first time I try this mehtod and I hope it works well!  R.W. Durham, NC
As a nursing student I am looking forward to using the UNCALENDAR to assist in organizing my busy life!  J.H. Plymouth, CA
I love using the UNCALENDAR system!  S.D. Brooklyn, NY
I am excited to receive my UNCALENDAR. This is exactly what I've been needing for years.  A.P. Des Moines, IA
This is my fourth year with this calendar; I LOVE IT!  A.B. Austin, TX
Love UNCALENDAR - THE best teacher calendar!!  C.M. New York, NY
Looking forward to trying this planner!  A.L. Longueuil, CANADA
These are great for special education middle and high school students!  D.W. Portland, OR
Another year. Another UNCALENDAR for me! I think this makes 5 years now. It's versatility and functionality will bring me back for years to come. My UNCALENDAR has a more interacive feel than any other personal organizer I've ever used, making getting my day-to-day life in order an engaging experience. Thank You.  A.B. Berkeley, CA
I discovered UNCALENDAR in college 6 years ago and haven't found a better planner since!  A.L. Seattle, WA
We love our UNCALENDARS! Thanks for going outside the box and staying outside the box! ;)  M.D. Orlando, FL
I was at a faculty meeting and one of the other instructors had the UNCALENDAR. It looked to be perfect to organize my classes as well.  L.F. Union, MO
I hope that you keep doing what you're doing! My whole life has revolved around and depended on my UNCALENDAR for the past 6 years, and I am so grateful that this product exists. Additional colors would be cool, but not necessary. Thank you for all that you do.  S.J. Portland, OR
Your organizational system is absolutely amazing! I'm going to try the Portfolio & Note Taker for the first time for a new job as a school leader - I'm sure the products will work perfectly!  K.M. Brooklyn, NY
This is honestly the best planer I've found online and I'm super excited to use it to manage work, uni, volunteer organizations, Youtuber events, my social life, my family life, and appointments. I feel as though this has it all!  L.H. Minot, ND
Happy to purchase another UNCALENDAR for the new fiscal year! 20+ years of using an UNCALENDAR Planner and looking forward to 20 more!  G.A. Alexandria, VA
I've used UNCALENDAR for the past few years as a teacher and now I'm moving into administration and still using it! It's a wonderful tool. Thank You :)  C.M. Dallas, TX
I'm excited to get to know this planner! Seems pretty cool.  L.G. Macedonia, OH
I love my UNCALENDAR! I have a hectic schedule and work professionally in event planning which makes this product the perfect tool for keeping on track. I've been counting down the weeks until I could order another planner!  R.D. Jefferson, OR
I purchased a fullsize UNCALENDAR in February to better manage personal and family activities. I love it so much that I recommended the UNCALENDAR to my husband, so he will be receiving this Halfsize UNCALENDAR. Thank you for such an amazing and innovative product! It has truly been a huge help in managing stress in my life as well as keeping our family in sync.  A.Y. Pittsburgh, PA
The PERFECT calendar!!  J.B. Sammamish, WA
This is my 3rd UNCALENDAR and I have a referred up to a dozen friends to you to date! Love you guys!  S.V. Brooklyn, NY
I'm starting a new business and counting on the UNCALENDAR to keep me organized! This is the first year I've used your products and they are transforming my planning. Thanks!  E.C. Greensboro, NC
I absolutely love your planning system! I discovered it in collerg now 10 years ago. Spent years (ineffficiently) using other planners. So grateful to discover you sell them online. I promote your planners to everybody!!  E.W. Bethlehem, PA
This is the only planning system I have been able to use for a whole year.  A.M. Fairbanks, AK
I love my UNCALENDAR and even recently recommended it to two teachers who bought theirs recently because of me. Keep up providing the best organizational planner around!  S.H. Houston, TX
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